Starting from Somewhere

Hey there peeps,  I’ve talked about striving to enjoy the process before, so that we can maintain our motivation. And of course, every journey of a 1000 miles starts with a single step….clue’s in the website name! The below video is the business startup version of that premise. The guy in the video is Ramit Sethi, a successful online entrepreneur, a best selling author, and he helps other aspiring entrepreneurs to reach their goals.  It’s affirming when he says things like ‘optimise for learning’ and ‘show up everyday’. With what he’s done for his own businesses, he is a good example of just showing up.

Click here to watch the video.

ramit sethi video

Motivation and Inspiration

I wanted to share this podcast link which helped me a lot in defining the difference between inspiration and creativity. That was important because inspiration is intrinsically linked to your values and values are for me, so important in guiding my behaviour.

There’s a fairly simple message in the podcast delivered in an equally simple way but that’s why I think it’s pretty good.

How have you defined the difference between those two things and can you recall the last time you felt inspired? Tell me in the comments!

Consciousness and the Self

I wanted to share the trailer of Sam Harris’ presentation and book ‘Waking Up’. He’s an acclaimed neuroscientist who is a recognised thought leader in consciousness, religion and philosophy. He’s also entertaining and witty so there’s comedy value to be had as well but it’s mostly thought provoking stuff.  The full 2 hour video is about $5 but it’s well worth it.


Spare the 3 minutes and let me know what you think.