How To Find Personal Success – Part 1

If you’re reading this then you definitely want it, and you could probably tell me what it means. But have you actually sat down, thought about it with the future in mind? Oh btw, when I say ‘it’, I’m talking about personal success, not whatever dirty thing you’re thinking of! I will show you how to define personal success in such a way that you’ll know what you’re after and when you achieve it, it’ll actually be fulfilling to YOU.

What is Personal Success?

Yes, this does sound obvious but think about it a bit more! Is your definition of personal success defined by society, your parents or your friends? Do you compare yourself to other people who you think are ‘successful’?

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I know my parents define personal success as literally having a home and food on the table. They’re humble people! My brother probably defines personal success as wealth and riches, a lot of people do. Before I properly thought about it, personal success was probably closer to my brother’s definition and it involved respect from my colleagues. It’s all well and good knowing this, but the question is, ‘do you want this definition you have, to be THE definition of personal success to you?’

Begin with The End in Mind

This is something I’ve stolen from Stephen Covey’s book ‘7 habits of highly effective people’. Read the review here.

Your definition could be fine but have you thought about how you’ll feel when you achieve it? Some people define personal success as climbing the corporate ladder but when they get to the top, they’ve realised they’ve sacrificed family and relationships. Something they never wanted. Other people have money as a primary measure of success but realise once becoming wealthy, they were actually after significance and importance, not money.

Finding personal success is about who you want to be, and ensuring that what your achievements bring, are actually important to you and truly what you want.

Here’s the good stuff. Finding personal success is about who you want to be, and ensuring that what your achievements bring, are actually important to you, and truly what you want. Imagine yourself at your death bed. Who is around you, how do they feel about you, what are you remembering about your life that makes you happy at that moment?


If you imagine this deeply enough, then the key points of YOUR definition of personal success will bubble up. For example, at that point, I want to have a wealth of family memories of going on trips and having experiences that we as a family, all share. Personal success on this point, would mean being able to create these moments. A lot of people might think money is the definition of personal success which is fine. However, it’s more likely what they want is what money can bring: significance, control over their future, or relationships. Some of these things can be achieved without piles of cash.

In part two of this post, I’ll go into more detail as to how to translate these thoughts into something tangible and actionable. Stay tuned!

Finding personal success is easy, it just requires you to think deeply about what is truly important to you. We all aspire to be certain types of people, or to fulfil the roles in our lives, in a certain way. Defining what these roles mean to you is also a big aspect to finding personal success.

Now that you’ve thought about your definition of personal success, is it the same as what it was? Comment below!

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