Consciousness and the Self

I wanted to share the trailer of Sam Harris’ presentation and book ‘Waking Up’. He’s an acclaimed neuroscientist who is a recognised thought leader in consciousness, religion and philosophy. He’s also entertaining and witty so there’s comedy value to be had as well but it’s mostly thought provoking stuff.  The full 2 hour video is about $5 but it’s well worth it.


Spare the 3 minutes and let me know what you think.

10 thoughts on “Consciousness and the Self

      • Best way to be…otherwise ‘arrogance’ sets in…:(
        See too much of it in the alternative world…..gurus don’t do much for me….there is a lovely quote ““When the wise man points at the Moon, the idiot looks at the finger.” ― Confucius. say’s it all really…;)

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      • Observing your ‘negative’ thoughts is crucial…non identifying with them is the way forward…always come back to ‘I here now’ ….practice practice
        practice and do not forget to smile at your monkey mind! 😉

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